28th April 2024

Fantastic choice and customer service

We visited Shoreline for a browse after we decided to change our bathroom to a shower room. The first thing we realised was just how big the showroom is, it’s huge! All I can say is go visit them, you won’t regret it. The staff are absolutely fantastic and their customer service is the best I have come across in a very long time. Rebecca visited our home to measure and came up with a few plans for us to choose from which was really helpful. At no point did I feel under pressure or rushed to make a choice when I visited the store and they were able to answer any questions that I had and offered advice on things that we wouldn’t have thought of. Charlene took me under her wing (although all the staff were equally as good). Everyone is so friendly, helpful and patient. I changed my mind many times and literally spent hours in the showroom before finally settling on my purchase and I was never ever made to feel that I was being a nuisance. The staff let you browse for how ever long you need, they make it clear that they are there if you need them but they don’t bother, pester or push you at all, I always felt comfortable in taking my time when browsing, pondering, asking questions or seeking advice. I was offered lots of expert advice and support at every step but I was never made to feel that my decision wouldn’t be respected. Shoreline’s extensive range covers all budgets and the staff will go out of their way to find any specific request you may have, be it a style or budget request. They will offer contact details of local known and trusted plumbers, again no pressure. I choose Matt Barnyard and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone, he offered advice from his first visit to quote all the way through to completing the job. He (along with Mark) were absolutely first class, they were so clean, tidy, considerate, professional and friendly guys. The whole experience was completely stress free and believe me it was a time I had been dreading. Rebecca and Jordan from Shoreline delivered the bathroom on the same day that Matt started, again a completely stress free experience. There were a few things that had to be changed either because they weren’t suitable or I’d changed my mind….again. Taking items back for a refund or replacement was never a problem and I wasn’t made to feel uncomfortable about it. I’m in love with my new bathroom and I feel I’ve gained a handful of Shoreline friends. Give them a look, you honestly won’t regret it. Heartfelt thanks to all at Shoreline. Jo